Thursday, 25 May 2017

Books, Medals, Militaria & Collectables incl. Records & Watchmaking

Books, Medals, Militaria  &  Collectables
(incl. Records, Gramophones & 
Contents of a Watchmaker's Workshop)
XB Oversize gramophone by EMG Handmade Gramophones, with papier mache gramophone horn, approx. 140cm high,
 est. £3,000-£4,000 (+24% buyers premium inc. VAT)

Tuesday 6th June
Chapel Walk Saleroom, 
Chapel Walk, Cheltenham 
Glos., GL50 3DS

On View
Saturday 3rd June - 10.00am - 1.00pm
Monday 5th June- 10.00am - 6.00pm 
Tuesday 6th June - 9.00am - 10.00am

Buyers Premium - 20% (24% incl. VAT - other charges may apply)

Catalogue Online - &

EMG Mark IX table-top gramophone, est. £900-£1,200
(+24% buyers premium inc. VAT)

Breitling gent's watch with three subsidiary dials, est. £1,000-£2,000
(+24% buyers premium inc. VAT)

Molyneux brass ship's chronometer in mahogany & brass case, 
est. £400-£600 (+24% buyers premium inc. VAT)

Part of a collection of watch and clock making tools, parts and accessories,
various estimates

Late 19th century German symphonium in walnut case, est. £800-£1,200 
(+24% buyers premium inc. VAT)

James Weatherby - Racing Calendar 1785, 1788-1789, & 1791-1802,
est. £200-£400 (+20% buyers premium - no VAT)

WWI medal group and others awarded to AC Sgt. W Richardson
est. £200-£300 (+24% buyers premium inc. VAT)

Carved hardwood articulated tribal figure
est. £200-£300 (+24% buyers premium inc. VAT)

1975 Republic of Panama 100 Balboas gold coin, est. £180-£200
(+24% buyers premium inc. VAT)

CMG medal (Order of St Michael and St George) in fitted case, est. £300-£500
(+24% buyers premium inc. VAT)

Books:- Racing Calendar, Deans New Dress Book, Rupert books, Analog sci-fi magazine, Veteran & Vintage magazine, Italian 1st edition Harry Potter, Japanese Haranobu books, Alamanack de Gotha, fine bindings; Ephemera:- 18th & 19th century indentures, Louis Armstrong signed photograph, Victorian photograph album; Prints & Maps:- W McGregor cartoons, Ordnance survey maps, racing prints, Persian miniature, Snaffles print; Postcards & Cigarette Cards:-Early 20th century postcard album, Wills cigarette card album; Stamps:- Large quantity of first-day covers, stamp albums; Coins:- Roman and medieval coins, 100 Balboas gold coin, silver proof crown; Medals:- WWI medal groups, CMG medal, Indian Medical Service badge, WWII medal group; Militaria:- WWI trench art coin, naval officer’s sword and dirk, katana, pith helmet, WWI folding trench saw, crossbow; Contents of a Clockmaker’s Workshop:- Breitling watch, Molyneux marine chronometer, Negretti & Zambra barometer, Schaubelin lathe, large quantity of watch and clockmaking tools, parts and accessories;Railwayana:- Locomotive plates; Collectables:- Articulated tribal figure, electrolier, manacles, Decalcomania lamp, Dunhill table lighter; Cameras and Photographica; Records & Gramophones:- EMG gramophones, German symphonium, Swiss cylinder music box, Berliners, “Melba” records, large collection of records including G&T, Phonotype, His Master’s Voice, Plancon, Fonotipia, Colombia etc.  

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