Friday, 31 October 2014

Toys, Dolls, Antiques & Interiors

Toys, Dolls, Antiques & Interiors

19th century French bisque-head impressed "10" doll, composition jointed wood body marked 'Jumeau', approx. 60cm long, est. £400 - £600
Friday 7th November
from 10.00am
The Bingham Hall, 
King Street, Cirencester, 
Glos., GL7 1JT

On View
Thursday 6th November : 10.00 am - 7.00 pm 
Friday 7th November : 8.30 am - 10.00 am

01242 256363 / 01285 642420

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Special Millennium Limited Edition rocking horse, est. £300-500
J D Kestner bisque-head impressed "JDK211" boy doll, composition bent limb body, approx. 39cm, est. £200 - £300
Kestner bisque shoulderhead girl doll, impressed mark "DEP 7.5 154",  soft kid body with bisque lower arms and hands, approx. 48cm, est. £150 - £250

Part of a collection of Britians soldiers, various estimates
Whittle-le-Woods collector's bear, gold plush body with long arms, hump back and growler, 46cm high, est. £50 - £70

German Bahr & Prothschild bisque-head impressed "BP" boy doll, composition jointed body, approx. 46cm high, est. £80 - £150

Simon & Halbig bisque-head doll, composition jointed body, impressed '58', approx. 60cm, est. £150 - £250

Three Britains soldiers box sets, est. £50-80 
 Quantity of model railway, including Horby O-gauge trains, wooden station, railway models, track and accessories, various estimates 

Quantity of doll's clothing and accessories, including leather and silk shoes and boots, straw hat, knitted gloves, garters, parasols etc., various estimates

Dolls:- Jumeau, Kestner, Simon & Halbig, Armand Marseille wax, Georgian wooden pedlar dolls, Schoenau & Hofmeister, Bahr & Prothschild, Teddy Bears, Model Trains:- Triang, Hornby O-gauge, Model Vehicles:- Lledo, Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, Lead Models:- Britains soldiers, Timpo, Rocking Horse Millennium Furniture:- Empire style secretaire, walnut bachelor’s chest, Edwardian window bench, Victorian large painted mirror, antique oak coffer, Victorian breakfast table, set eight Victorian oak dining chairs, pine, Victorian Gillows and other pembroke tables, oak dresser, Sheraton style bookcase cabinet, Rugs:- Chinese, Afghan, Clocks and Barometers:- Georgian oak longcase clock, Victorian walnut wall clock, perpetual clock, marquetry mantel clock, Ceramics:- Imari, Goss, armorial, Glass, Collectables:- old scythes, metalware, Coalbrookdale style umbrella stand, Persian miniatures,  Pictures:- M H Pegler, M F Codner, A Phillips, C Buckle, B Crowe, D Bates, Silver:- Edwardian photo frames, cigarette box, Jewellery:- Diamond ring, pearl necklace, Books

Monday, 20 October 2014

Books, Medals, Militaria & Collectables

Books, Medals,
Militaria & Collectables

Late 18th century flintlock pistol with silver flowerhead inlay,
est. £1,500-£2,000 

Tuesday 21st October
from 11.00am
Chapel Walk Saleroom, 
Chapel Walk, Cheltenham 
Glos., GL50 3DS
On View
Monday 20th October - 10 am - 6 pm 
Tuesday 21st October - from 9.30 am

Hasselblad camera with Karl Zeiss Distagon 1:4 50mm lens, Karl Zeiss Sonnar 150mm lens, Karl Zeiss Planar 80mm lens and other accessories, in fitted case est. £700-£800

MacDonald Gill "In the Heat of the Summer" 1922 Underground poster,
est. £300 - £500

Thomas Hale -  "A Compleat Body of Husbandry", pub. T. Osborne & J Shipton, London, 1756, wood cut engravings, est. £100 - £200

Croizet Grande Reserve Vintage 1914 Cognac, seal intact, 
level bottom of neck, est. £150 - £300

Gluck & Co barograph, est. £300 - £500

Large collection of Motown and other related LP records, mostly Tamla Motown, 
various estimates

Joseph Miller - "Botanicum Officinale or a Compendious Herbal", 
pub. E Bell, London, 1722 (first edition), est. £200-£300

 WWI German leather Pickelhaube helmet with Baden badge, 
dated 1916, est. £150 - £200

Turkish Order of the Medjidieh, Order of the Osmarieh 4th class, two Turkish World War I medals and a World War I German iron cross, est. £250 - £350

Large collection of surgical and other medical equipment, various estimates

Books :- 1722 “Botanicum Officinale or a Compendious Herbal”, 1756 “A Compleat Body of Husbandry”,  “Monograms and Heraldic Designs”, fine bindings, antiquarian volumes, first editions, Scottish interest, topography,  horse racing, hunting & field sports, fishing, H. E Bates first editions, Froissart’s Chronicles, Punch Library of Humour, botany & natural history, A. A. Milne, Dickens, Trollope, Mrs. Henry Wood, Reprint Society, Gloucestershire & local interest, directories, railway interest & transport, art & collecting, Journal of the House of Commons; Ephemera : - Signed film star photographs, Victorian album, scrapbooks, 1807 French London to Calais travel permit; Postcards: - Bleriot's cross-channel flight, albums, topographical; Cigarette Cards , Stamps :- albums & stockbooks, first day covers, presentation packs, loose, Music & Musical Instruments :- Large collection Motown LPs, cylinder musical boxes, Elvis Presley guitar, misprinted “Beatles for Sale” album, Dynatron radiogram, saxophone, Maps :- 1922 London Underground poster, Ordnance Survey, Bartholomews,  Collectables :- Croizet 1914 cognac, naval walking stick, Russian silver purse, pens, eighteenth century enamel pocket watch case, tools, Dunlop Stock enamel sign, fishing eqt, pewter, clay pipes, Cameras & Photographic Equipment:-  Hasselblad camera, Karl Zeiss lenses, Nikon, Canon FT; Scientific Instruments :- Collection of medical & surgical equipment, Gluck & Co barograph, binoculars, Henry Hughes & Sons sextant, telescopes, Citadel horticultural sprayer; Coins :- Sovereigns, proof sets, albums; Prints: - Lorenzio Laurenzi, signed Amanda Gooseman; Militaria:-  18th century flintlock pistol, French cavalry sword, WWI Pickelhaube helmet with Baden badge, postcards, Queen Mary Christmas gift tins, uniform, badges; Medals :- Large collection of French civil medals, Turkish, WWI, WWII, Franco Prussian service medal, sporting, miniatures; Asian Art:- Ivory horses, hardwood figures; African Art & Design :- Chieftain’s chair; Railwayana :- Slides, train tickets; Toys :- Hornby 0-4-0 with tender, jigsaw puzzles, chess set

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Pictures, Antiques & Interiors

Pictures, Antiques & Interiors

Walter Hunt (1861-1941)
Farmyard scene (oil on canvas), est. £2,000-£3,000

Friday 10th October
from 10.00am
The Bingham Hall, 
King Street, Cirencester, 
Glos., GL7 1JT

On View
Thursday 9th October - 10 am - 7 pm 
Friday 10th October - from 8.30 am

01242 256363 / 01285 642420

Gustave de Breanski (c.1856-1898)
Ships at sea (oil on canvas), signed, est. £500-£800

Raoul Millais (1901-1999)
Hunting scene (oil on canvas) est. £700-£900

David Bates  (1840/41-1921)
"By Sherrards Green, Malvern" (watercolour), est. £300-£500

Eileen Soper (1905 - 1990)
Collection of etchings of children, various estimates

William Sutherland
Half-length portrait of a knight templar, (oil on board), est. £350-£450

John Skinner Prout (1805-1876)
Figures beside an Irish stone cross (watercolour drawing), est. £350-£450

Joseph Wolfram (1860-1873) 
Arabs on horseback (pair of oils on board), est. £300-£450
H. van Herle
19th century Dutch snow scene (oil on canvas), est £250-£350

E A Onslow
Eddystone lighthouse (oil on canvas), est. £300-£450

Claude Buckle (1905-1973)
Grape Harvest (watercolour drawing), signed, est. £300-£450

Set of four Chinese watercolour drawings and one other, c.1880-90, 
est. £250-£400

Oils:- W.Davies, A.Bron, Breanski, W.Hunt, O.Clare, H.van Herle, F.Valter,  A.Wheeler, J.Wolfram, D.L.Gilchik, A.Shrager, R.Millais, E.Onslow, M.H.Pegler, Y.Cheong, portrait Catherine of Braganza, J.McLeod, Watercolours:- F.D.How, B.Crow, J.Yardley, W.Callow, C.Buckle, D.Bates, J.B.Noel, J.S.Prout, H.Seghers, P.Hickman, D.Andrews, A.Phillips, F.T.Underhill, Prints:- Collection etchings by E.A.Soper, G.Clarke, J.Harris, Furniture:- antique oak bureau, rosewood sofa table, bijouterie table, Rackstraw dining suite, rolltop desk, Globe Wernicke bookcases, Regency card tables, 19th century carved oak side table, pair wainscot chairs, Victorian loo table, large oak Jacobean style extending dining table, set of eight oak dining chairs, 19th century mahogany breakfast table Clocks:- 4-glass clock, Barometers, Rugs, Collectables:- writing and sewing boxes, Silver:- enamel snuff box, sugar caster, EPNS, Watches:- 18K diamond and enamel fob watch, Jewellery, Ceramics:- Chinese, Japanese, Glass:- table service drinking glasses, Books