Monday, 28 January 2019

Books, Medals, Militaria & Collectables - Tuesday 5th February (Cheltenham)

Books, Medals, Militaria,
& Collectables
Edward VII 1902 coronation 13 coin proof specimen set, est. £3,000-£5,000

 Tuesday 5th February 
at 10.00am

Chapel Walk Saleroom 
Chapel Walk,  Cheltenham
Glos., GL50 3DS

Buyers Premuim - 20% 

(24% incl. VAT at 20% - ARR and online bidding fees may apply)

On View
Saturday 2nd February - 10.00am - 1.00pm
Monday 4th February - 10.00am - 6.00pm 
Tuesday 5th Februay - 9.00am - 10.00am
01242 256363

Entries invited for future sales - please contact us

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WWI Military Cross group,  awarded to Lieutenant J G Hopwood, Liverpool Regiment & Machine Gun Corps, est. £1,200-£1,500

 Two Sir Winston Churchill commemorative stamps in 18ct gold, est. £600-£800

China War Medal 1900 (Relief of Pekin clasp) and an Africa General Service Medal (Somaliland 1902-04 clasp), est. £400-£600

 Jane Austen -
Pride & Prejudice Peacock edition,  est. £300-£500

 Andrew Tarranton - England's Improvement by Sea and Land, est. £600-£800

 Mid/late 19th century photograph album, est. £200-£300

 Leica III Model F, circa 1933, serial number 59542, est. £200-£300

 Mid 19th century marine chronometer by Barraud & Lund, Cornhill, London,
 est. £1,000-£1500

 WWI Military Cross gallantry group, est. £1,000-£1,200

Royal Canadian mint 1967 proof set, est. £200-£300

Books:- England’s Improvement by Sea and Land, Pride & Prejudice Peacock edition, Erwitt Elliott Collector’s Edition, Arthur Rackham illustrated, Discours de Jesus, J & C Gilbert, E M Forster, J Guilim, F Fitzgerald, O Wilde, J R R Tolkien, E Blyton, J Bidwell,  I Fleming, V Woolf, H Newton, S McCurry, J Evelyn, M Luther, Punch magazine; Ephemera:- Photographs of Cambridge rowing team, Middle Eastern photograph albums, Tim Bulmer engravings, Indian photograph album, Ordnance Survey maps, indentures; Postcards:- 1950s humorous, Mabel Lucie Atwell, Art Nouveau album; Stamps:- Winston Churchill gold stamps, GB UMM booklets, Commonwealth albums, Russian mint stamp sheets, 2d blues; Coins:- Edward VII 1902 specimen set, pre-1947 silver coinage, large collection of sovereigns & half sovereigns, Royal Canadian Mint proof set, large collection of UK bank notes, silver proof coin sets; Collectables:- Marine chronometer, Leica III model F camera, Leica I Model C camera, railway carriage window, Conway Stewart pens, James Wellsworth globe, Britanniaphone gramophone, croquet set, Glenmorangie, Hohner accordion; Medals & Militaria:- WWI Military Cross groups, China War Medal, Africa War Medal, WWI OBE medal group, WWII Air Crew star medal group, C Harris military watercolours, 19th century sword stick, military button hat pins, WWII flight  compass, WWII baby’s gas mask, Red Arrow signed photograph

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Pictures, Antiques & Interiors : Two Day Sale (Cirencester) - 22nd & 23rd January

 Antiques & Interiors
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Wm. John Wainwright (1855-1931) - "Roman Pipers" (oil on canvas) 
est. £2,000-£3,000
Tuesday 22nd  &
Wednesday 23rd January
at 10.00am

Bankside Saleroom, 
Love Lane Industrial Estate, Cirencester
Glos., GL7 1YT

Buyers Premuim - 20% 

(24% incl. VAT at 20% - ARR and online bidding fees may apply)

On View
Saturday 19th January - 10.00am - 1.00pm
Monday 21st January - 10.00am - 6.30pm 
Tuesday 22nd January - 9.00am - 10.00am
Wednesday 23rd January - 9.00am - 10.00am
01285 642420

Entries invited for future sales - please contact us

Catalogues Online:

School of Felix Francois Georges Ziem (1821-1911) - "Laguilia Near Genoa, Italy" (Oil on canvas), est. £600-£900

Set of 6 B&B Italia Husk dining chairs by Patricia Urquiola, 
est. £600-£900

Taxidermy peacock on wooden stand, 
est. £300-£500

Jean Edouard Lacretelle (1817-1900) Pair  of portraits (watercolour drawings),
est. £300-£500

 Early 18th century walnut chest on stand, est. £450-£550

Frederick French - "St Bernard by Kennels" (oil on canvas),
est. £300-£500

 19th century Chinese Canton porcelain famille rose vase,
est. £300-£500

In the manner of Edward Seago -
Venetian canal scene (oil on board ), est. £200-£300

Henriot Quimper Rene Beauclair vase, 
est. £200-£300

19th century English school - Study of horse in paddock
(oil on canvas), est. £150-£250

Tuesday 22nd January—Oil Paintings:- W J Wainwright, school of F F G Ziem, F French, manner of E Seago, M Wolkonsku, D Pears, A Van Heddegham, G Hodgson, F Lis, K Wolte, H Jranenburg, C Doerbecker, T van der Water, L Roberts, A Davidson, K De Voogt, D Strasser, W Stone, S Tollbalk, T S Harper, W Richards; Watercolour Drawings:- J E Lacretelle, H C Fox, L Van Staaten, A E King, A Winterbottom, V Merritt, B Rimmer, E Lewis, A I E M Parsons, T Bulmer, A Hildreth; Maps; Prints & Photographs:-  Newport Rugby Team, Mantegna, J F Herring, J Leech, Dürer, Hogarth, W Nicholson, D Boon, advertising posters, E Osthaus; Books; Household Effects; Collectables:- carved marble bust, taxidermy peacock, plated stag’s head, taxidermy pufferfish, cast bell, angling equipment, model of a trawler, African hardwood latter, cold-cast figures, dog cart, tinplate Mobo horse; Glass:- Cranberry epergne, mallet decanters, studio grey glass vase; Ceramics:- Chinese Canton vase, French faience plaque, Japanese Satsuma punchbowl, H B Quimper, Masons, Delft, Thouneware, Carltonware, Royal Crown Derby, Capodimonte, Goebel, Alcide Chaumiel, Royal Doulton, Volkstedt, Royal Worcester;

Wednesday 23rd January—Furniture:- Walnut extending dining table, Patricia Urquiola Husk chairs, antique oak coffer, 18th century chest on stand, George IV dining chairs, black glass console tables, 18 light chandelier, French fruitwood armoire, plate glass desk, French four-door wardrobe, Victorian Canterbury, Wellington chest, contemporary steel coffee table, Georgian dumb waiter, 19th century hand cart, bleached walnut dining table, Designers Guild settee, Venetian chandelier, steel trunk coffee tables, Perspex designer wine tables, Edwardian bonheur de jour; Mirrors; Clocks & Boxes:- German walnut mandel clock, Korean miniature chest, Jughans mantel clock; Rugs & Carpets:- Designers Guild cream and grey carpet, Persian style wool carpet, Chinese superwash carpet, Meshwani runner, Cheli kelim runner