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Books, Medals, Militaria & Collectables - Tuesday 5th February (Cheltenham)

Books, Medals, Militaria,
& Collectables
Edward VII 1902 coronation 13 coin proof specimen set, est. £3,000-£5,000

 Tuesday 5th February 
at 10.00am

Chapel Walk Saleroom 
Chapel Walk,  Cheltenham
Glos., GL50 3DS

Buyers Premuim - 20% 

(24% incl. VAT at 20% - ARR and online bidding fees may apply)

On View
Saturday 2nd February - 10.00am - 1.00pm
Monday 4th February - 10.00am - 6.00pm 
Tuesday 5th Februay - 9.00am - 10.00am
01242 256363

Entries invited for future sales - please contact us

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WWI Military Cross group,  awarded to Lieutenant J G Hopwood, Liverpool Regiment & Machine Gun Corps, est. £1,200-£1,500

 Two Sir Winston Churchill commemorative stamps in 18ct gold, est. £600-£800

China War Medal 1900 (Relief of Pekin clasp) and an Africa General Service Medal (Somaliland 1902-04 clasp), est. £400-£600

 Jane Austen -
Pride & Prejudice Peacock edition,  est. £300-£500

 Andrew Tarranton - England's Improvement by Sea and Land, est. £600-£800

 Mid/late 19th century photograph album, est. £200-£300

 Leica III Model F, circa 1933, serial number 59542, est. £200-£300

 Mid 19th century marine chronometer by Barraud & Lund, Cornhill, London,
 est. £1,000-£1500

 WWI Military Cross gallantry group, est. £1,000-£1,200

Royal Canadian mint 1967 proof set, est. £200-£300

Books:- England’s Improvement by Sea and Land, Pride & Prejudice Peacock edition, Erwitt Elliott Collector’s Edition, Arthur Rackham illustrated, Discours de Jesus, J & C Gilbert, E M Forster, J Guilim, F Fitzgerald, O Wilde, J R R Tolkien, E Blyton, J Bidwell,  I Fleming, V Woolf, H Newton, S McCurry, J Evelyn, M Luther, Punch magazine; Ephemera:- Photographs of Cambridge rowing team, Middle Eastern photograph albums, Tim Bulmer engravings, Indian photograph album, Ordnance Survey maps, indentures; Postcards:- 1950s humorous, Mabel Lucie Atwell, Art Nouveau album; Stamps:- Winston Churchill gold stamps, GB UMM booklets, Commonwealth albums, Russian mint stamp sheets, 2d blues; Coins:- Edward VII 1902 specimen set, pre-1947 silver coinage, large collection of sovereigns & half sovereigns, Royal Canadian Mint proof set, large collection of UK bank notes, silver proof coin sets; Collectables:- Marine chronometer, Leica III model F camera, Leica I Model C camera, railway carriage window, Conway Stewart pens, James Wellsworth globe, Britanniaphone gramophone, croquet set, Glenmorangie, Hohner accordion; Medals & Militaria:- WWI Military Cross groups, China War Medal, Africa War Medal, WWI OBE medal group, WWII Air Crew star medal group, C Harris military watercolours, 19th century sword stick, military button hat pins, WWII flight  compass, WWII baby’s gas mask, Red Arrow signed photograph

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